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Trauma Relief Homeopathy

Trauma Relief: Our best selling complex remedy for injuries and pre- and post surgical procedures. Keep one on the counter, one in your purse or backpack, and one at work. This is the entire orchestra, playing in perfect harmony, at a volume (potency) appropriate to injury and trauma.

Contains the following 8 compatible remedies in 200c potency:
Aconite:fear, fright, shock, sudden illness, eye injuries
Arnica: bruising, bleeding, head injury/concussion, burns, pain
Bellis: Deep tissue injury, bleeding, post-surgical healing
Hypericum: crush or nerve injuries esp. of extremities, burns
Ledum: puncture wounds, sprains, bites of any kind, tooth extraction
Ruta: sprains, strains, tendon/ligament injuries, eye fatigue
Staphysagria: anti-inflammatory, post surgical healing, cuts
Symphytum: fractures, sprains, old tendon/ligament pain

Comes in 2 dram vial (100+ doses)---$20.00

Directions: In case of injury, take 1-3 pills under the tongue every 5 minutes for 3 times. Then every 20 minutes for 3 times. Then take as needed. For surgical procedures: take 1-3 pills under the tongue before going into surgery then follow the above instructions post-surgically.
Important! For the very elderlly, newborns, or the very sensitive or weak, put 1-3 pellets in an 8 ounce jar of water and shake vigorously. Administer it 1 teaspoon at a time in the same way listed above.
Caution! Homeopathic remedies are not a substitute for appropriate professional medical care! Use good judgement and seek medical attention when needed. Homeopathics can be used during the transport to a professional.