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The Ultimate Breakthrough

The Ultimate Breakthrough: Spiritual Therapy for Emotional Pain Ken Unger’s new book is far better than a paper psychiatrist. Laced with poignant anecdotes and touching stories it taps profound wisdom from our richest spiritual traditions. It's truly spiritual healing made simple. Do you have unhealed wounds? What if you could heal deep hurts from your childhood, marriage, parents, siblings, school, work, religion and rejection? Don't just care for the soul, cure it. Why settle for self-help when you can find self-healing? Here’s powerful spiritual help: highest power healing for the hurts that hold you back. THE ULTIMATE BREAKTHROUGH ...Superb! I normally do not pass books on unless I feel their worth for myself and others.. this book I immediately passed on to 8 people from day one to buy! Similar to healing your inner child but addressing our most precious asset… our soul... and no matter who you are this book is for you and can set you on the path to inner healing and provide you the ability to light for yourself every step you take instead of wandering in pain that you may not realize is hurting you...Excellent Book. – Tamara Trujillo "I’ve sought for this all my life." -A client Imagine a Book that Heals We all have pain to heal. None of us escapes adolescence without some serious emotional wounds, and they can quickly mount up from then on. Those unhealed wounds fuel most of our problems. Whether you struggle with depression, anxiety, compulsive eating, drinking, drugs, sex or work addiction, each is an effort to cope with or dull your personal pain. Unhealed emotional pain is responsible for most of our suffering. It can lead to relational problems, divorce, conflict at work, depression, anxiety, and even more serious personal and psychological problems. Contrary to popular belief, time doesn’t heal any wounds. That’s why you need: The Ultimate Breakthrough – Spiritual Therapy for Emotional Pain Go beyond Self-help to Self-Healing Here’s Highest Power Healing for the pain that holds you back. You’ll learn: · Why it’s so hard to change your life and what you can do about it; · How to uncover hidden pain that sabotages your well being; · Why religion and psychology can’t make you whole; · How unhealed pain keeps you from being your best; · How unhealed pain undermines your success; · What to do when your will power won’t work; · How to form a healing group that really works; · How a small group can help you heal; · How to heal your damaged emotions; · How to cure the soul, not just care for it; · Who should be your Higher Power? . The only deity who promised to heal your personal pain. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to heal your hidden pain and dramatically change your entire life. America’s Soul Doctor, Ken Unger, has given you all you need to uncover and heal the hidden hurts that hold you back. He wrote this book for those who can’t benefit directly from his personal healing work, retreats and seminars. It’s also a great tool for those who have experienced to share it with others. Step by step, he helps you discover the things that have affected you your entire life. Reports from books used in pre-release are already coming in. People using The Ultimate Breakthrough in healing groups and even just using it at home alone are experiencing life-changing, dramatic breakthroughs. Their lives are getting better and better as they pursue their healing. This is one book that truly heals. All this happens at a tiny fraction of the time and cost of therapy. What others say of The Ultimate Breakthrough "We all need healing. Here is your effortless exit to healing bliss." - best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul author Mark Victor Hansen, "Ken is one of my favorite writers. His work had done more for me than 20 years of sports psychologists." - A professional athlete "This is it, the next great step: real healing." - A woman in recovery "Your book The Ultimate Breakthrough has been exceptionally helpful in my healing journey thus far - and I just can't get enough, so I want to continue this healing in Christ. I am experiencing the greatest Peace, Love and Freedom of my life. " – A Graphic Artist Leaders in spiritual growth and therapy on Ken’s work "Ken’s retreats are worth six month’s to a year of counseling".- Millie McCarty, founder, Lighthouse Counseling "I attended a "Healing Weekend" about seven years ago and it was a life changing event for me. This weekend put me on new course that continues to affect my life as a professional counselor, husband and father." - David M. Gutknecht, Licensed Professional Counselor LPC "I want to give thanks to God for what he did to the lives of my six children on the healing retreat that Ken Unger led. They all were deeply touched, sobbed, and received many inner healings for the hurts in their lives." - Dave Hummer, leader in the Cleveland Transformational Healing Community "Ken Unger has been a positive influence in my ministry for many years. I often find myself quoting Ken. He makes emotional and spiritual healing very simply with a down-to-earth authentic approach. In a culture that views the church with a increasingly skeptical eye Ken Unger is straight forward and real." - Eric M. Brown, Pastor, Mosaic - a faith community in New York "Ken Unger is a man that I deeply respect. Years ago, he came to our church and spoke to us about God’s power to bring wholeness and freedom to bruised and broken people. He also led us in a time of prayer and many people were deeply touched by the Lord through this awesome time of ministry. Ken is a gift and I am grateful for his immense contribution to God’s people." - Bob Buchan, Sr. pastor, Quest Community Church "As I work through with Ken's amazing book, The Ultimate Breakthrough, the philosophy is so biblical in foundation and it's one of those new learnings that makes you go "duh!" if you're looking for a really good re-calibration and re-centering of your life, I highly recommend it." - Kim Levings, VP, Outreach Incorporated The Ultimate Breakthrough is just that: a book that will heal and change your life. Not many things in life can do that for under $20.