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Tattler Reusable Regular Mouth Canning Lids

Tattler Reusable Regular Mouth Canning Lids and Rubber Rings - 12 pk.

* BPA Free!

* Indefinitely Reusable

* Use with Pressure Canner, Water Bath, or Vacuum Sealer

* FDA & USDA Approved Materials

* Use with Standard Metal Band

* Dishwasher Safe


Q: Is there Bisphenol A (BPA) in Tattler Reusable Canning Lids?

A: No. The material used is an FDA and USDA food grade plastic approved for direct contact use in food applications.

Q: Can the lids be used in a pressure canner?

A: Yes. The lids will withstand any standard, acceptable, home canning process. Q: Is a metal seal ring required? A: Yes, a standard metal ring is required, the same as with conventional metal lids.

Q: Can I use the lids on Ball, Jarden, or Leifheit jars?

A: Yes. The reusable canning lids can be used on all mason type canning jars where conventional metal lids are commonly used.

Q: Are the rubber gaskets reusable, and how long will they last?

A: Yes, the rubber gaskets are reusable and will seal numerous times when used as directed. When cared for properly, many years of use may be expected. Testimonials from satisfied customers report use of rubber rings for more than 20 years!