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Set of 5 - 5 Gallon Plastic Food Grade Buckets with Lids

You will receive (5) 5 gallon plastic food grade buckets with 5 tear tab lids

Be prepared with this essential tool for food storage.

Food grade buckets allow you to:

  • Get prepared for a food shortage.
  • Keep your food safe and dry at all times.
  • Easily store and compartmentalize your food.

Each bucket comes with a tear tab lid. The tear tab lids contain a rubber gasket for airtight sealing. The lid has a perforated strip that "tears" off, leaving four tabs to use for prying the lid off of the bucket. These buckets are "greener" with same stacking/durability quality, but are now made with polypropylene, recycle code 5.  These have less resin in them, so they comply better with the green movement.