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Eberlestock J107 Dragonfly Hunting Pack

The Dragonfly is at the pinnacle of backpack design. With all of the features of our other Just Ones, the dragonfly raises the bar, with a high tech suspension system, a huge range of adjustability, and more patented and proprietary features than any hunting pack made. A full slate of premium features includes a plastic framesheet, which augments the internal aluminum stays to give a very stable load bearing platform, and a fully adjustable shoulder harness. Also, the pack features beefy #10 zippers throughout. If you're thinking about a Just One pack, and feel that you'd be most comfortable with a firmer platform for carrying a heavy load, or if the vertically adjustable shoulder strap attachments appeal to you, choose a J107 Dragonfly. Available in our rugged soft-finish hunting camouflage NT1 waterproof microfleece. Need a pack to carry a larger scale sniper rifle? Check out our J107M Dragonfly -- the Big Mouth version of our popular expandable pack!