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Felted Soap Bar - 5 oz.

Felted Bars - Variegated Style, Specialty Bar, 5 oz Perfect Gift! When the gift you give demands quality: choose Shepherd's Heart! Shepherd's Heart soap artisans hand-craft a generous 5 ounce bar of fresh Kinder goat milk soap that is lightly scented. We then color lamb's wool into a rainbow of colors by hand! This wool is then carded by hand, think of it as combing your hair. We then carefully nest our fresh hand made Kinder goat milk soap into this bed of soft lamb's wool. Sitting next to a cozy crackling fire or outside enjoying the sights and sounds of our farms, we hand-felt each and every one of our Felted Goat Milk Soap Bars. Each bar of soap takes about 6 hours to make. A bar of goat milk soap takes about 4 hours to create. The lamb's wool processing and felting adds another 2 hours.The result is soap and a wash-cloth all in one. This is another of our Green Products. After the soap is gone you can leave the wool pad in your shower and place a new Shepherd's Heart bar of soap on top. Leaving the soap and wool pad in the shower or tub will soften the soap and the suds will permeate the wool pad for your continued use. You can also use the wool pad to entertain your cats when you stitch in some catnip or quickly spray it with some catnip spray which you can purchase at your local pet store. Includes: 5 oz Kinder Goat Milk Soap Hand dyed, hand carded, hand felted blanket Soap-and-wash-cloth: All-in-One! We include a note to keep the exquisite hand-felting on the soap. Some of our customers thought it was packaging and tried to take it off.