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Emergency Kit - First Aid Survival Kit

Emergency Kit Easy to Use Directions

TRAUMA RELIEF -- Eight 200c remedies combined for all kinds of emergency and first aid situations. It is the first line of defense in a crisis. Use for any of the following in adults, children, and/or animals: Aconite - fear, fright, sudden shock, and any acute sudden ailments such as a cold that comes on suddenly. It is ‘the arnica of the eye.’ Arnica Montana- bruising, swelling, inflammation, bleeding. Overwork of muscles. Head injuries/concussion. Burns/sunburn. Bellis Perennis - cuts, surgical openings, deep tissue damage, bleeding. Hypericum - crush injuries, injuries to nerve rich areas as fingers, toes, spine. Burns/sunburn. Ledum - puncture wounds, bug/tick/animal bites, bee stings, black eyes. Acts like a tetanus shot. Tooth extraction. Ruta Graveolens- sprains and strains, tendon or ligament injuries. Eye strain. Staphysagria - cuts, surgical procedures. Symphytum - fractures, old tendon or ligament injuries, sprains. Directions for use: For quick relief of injuries take 1-3 pills under the tongue every 5 minutes 3x, then every 20 minutes 3x, then as needed. Topical use: Put 3 pills into a 4 ounce spray bottle with purified water, shake well, and spray on sprains and strains and bruising. Do not spray into open wounds. For surgical and dental procedures: Take before tests or procedures and follow above directions immediately afterwards. INDIGESTION RELIEF -- Stomach upsets happen for a variety of reasons, over-indulgence, food-poisoning, or additives to name a few. To relieve the pain, gas, bloating, and discomfort of stomach and intestinal upsets. Helps intestinal balance in either constipation or diarrhea. Nux Vomica 30c - upsets from over-indulgence. Arsenicum Album 30c - food poisoning with pain, restlessness. Carbo Vegetabilis 30c/200c- gas, bloating, upset from poor digestion. Known as "the resurrection remedy," carbo veg is useful where there is a collapsed state with gasping for air. Cyanosis. Dispels the lasting effects of anesthesia. Directions for use: For food poisoning, take one pill every 5-10 minutes under tongue 3x. Then as needed. For any other situations such as those described, use as needed. PHOSPHORUS HOMOCHORD -- Known for its ability to stop serious bleeding in injuries and surgical procedures, nosebleeds, and gingivitis, phosphorus is also the remedy for electrical shock, for the early onset of pneumonia, for fear of dying or of loved ones dying and fear of the dark and thunderstorms. A homochord is designed to work on several different levels, from the physical, mental, and emotional. Directions for use: For serious bleeding, take 1 pill under tongue every 5 minutes apart 3x then every 20 minutes 3x or until bleeding eases. Then as needed. For other situations take as needed. CHINA HOMOCHORD -- The first remedy ever "proven", China was originally used for malaria. It is best known for its ability to relieve the effects of lost vital body fluids from hemorrhage, dehydration, or diarrhea. It is for collapse, debility, weakness, and irritability. After birth, lactation, bleeding incidents, influenza, or grief with copious tears, China is the remedy. It also is useful in joint pain where there is a lack of synovial fluid. Directions for use: Take 1 dose every 20 minutes 3 times then as needed until symptoms are relieved. TRIPLE THREAT DEFENSE -- Our world is full of bacteria, some good, some dangerous. The destructive and even death dealing nature of streptococcus, staphylococcus, and MRSA are well known. These three bacterial remedies have been combined for the ultimate protection pre- and post-surgically and after injuries such as puncture wounds and cuts where bacteria invasive. Streptococcus 200c Staphylococcus 200c MRSA 200c Directions for use: Take 1 dose before any surgical procedure or hospitalization for protection. Take 1 dose after injury involving open wounds where bacteria may be a present danger. For treatment of these bacterial infections once contracted, please consult a professional.

IMPORTANT: Homeopathy is a powerful medical modality in treating injuries, acute, and chronic illnesses. Like all healing systems, though, it has its limitations. Be wise! Seek professional help when it is appropriate! Homeopathic remedies cannot set a broken bone or cure a nutritional deficiency, for example, but they can ease the swelling, bruising, bleeding, and pain on the way to the hospital and then encourage a set bone to heal correctly or help the body assimilate nutrients to relieve a deficiency. If pregnant or nursing, for infants or the fragile elderly please consult a professional homeopath before use. There are many more than the 16 remedies in these 5 complexes that are valuable to have on hand for illness and injury, however, these 5 remedies are the ones I believe to be crucial to real and even life-threatening emergencies.