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Electro Response (ER)

Electro Response (ER) normalizes a deficient, inadequate or hyperactive immune system, thereby restoring the proper functioning of the defense mechanisms of the body. ER is safe, effective and all-natural.

ER is not in itself a cure of any kind. It does, however, have a direct positive effect on your immune system.

ER functions at a molecular level redefining the electrical interactions and communication between cells by focusing on one of the key components of the immune system: the macrophage. Activation and regulation of this cell with ER facilitates the imbalances that have occurred with your immune system and in turn provides optimum health and quality of life.

For optimal health it is highly recommended that you maintain a healthy, balanced diet and complement ER with a high quality supplement in order to fill your daily nutritional requirements and to enhance the functioning of ER and your immune system response.

What are the directions for using Electro Response?
Pour 1 fluid ounce of water into a glass. Add 10 drops of Electro Response to the water and drink. Do this three times daily.

If your immune system is severely compromised for whatever reason then it's suggested that you start with 5 drops, 6 times a day for two weeks. Then go to 10 drops, 3 times daily. Do not take all your doses of ER at one time; keep equally spread throughout the day.

In order to maintain the effective properties of ER, do not use a metal teaspoon or metal cup. Do not store in a refrigerator or near any electrical appliances including cell phones.