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A New We DVD

The Austrian documentary filmmaker Stefan Wolf traveled through Europe in order to explore well established eco-communities and to present a broad spectrum of lifestyle possibilities to many people.


Experience eco-villages and ecological communities in Europe in this two hour long documentary portrait.


The variety of situations and voices in A New We inspires hope for the future of humanity and all life on the planet. The lives shown here are more motivated by imagination, vision, respect and cooperation than by economic forces and social expectations. In these 10 communities, the creative solutions to many social, environmental and economic challenges exemplify the nearly infinite capacity for human-, community- and self-development.


It’s a film that enlightens, encourages and spreads hope – for a new world and A New We.



10 European communities from 8 countries are presented


Sieben Linden

Schloss Tonndorf Germany
Krishna Valley Hungary
Damanhur Italy
Schloss Glarisegg Switzerland
La Borie Noble France
Valle de Sensaciones Spain
Matavenero Spain
Tamera Portugal
Finca Tierra Canary island



The film leads you through the fascinating world of communities.


  • How are these communities organized?
  • What decision-making processes do they use?
  • How they finance themselves?
  • What food choices do they make?
  • How much of the food and energy that they need do they produce?
  • Is spirituality important?
  • How do adults and children interact?
  • Are there schools?