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If you are looking to grind your grains be it coarse or fine into flour, the best way to do it is by using a grain grinder. Though many feel that grain grinders can only be used by flour mills, the fact is that you can actually have a grain grinder at home which can be easily operated by you.

Types of Grain Grinders

Basically, the grain grinders for domestic use are found in three different models. Namely stone grinders, which are grain grinders that comprise of grinding wheels made of stone. The wheels made of 3 inches in diameter can crush coarse as well as fine grain into fine flour. Avoid using artificially made stone grain grinders ass they are bound to fail while crushing oil producing grains by creating clogs.

Burr Grain Grinders

Of the popular grain grinders available for domestic use, the burr mills grain grinder deserves mention. These comprise of wheels with cutting burrs that are used to grind the grains. However this particular grain grinder is not as efficient as the stone grain grinder in crushing grains finely but the wheels are made of steel which make them easy to turn. This grain grinder is operated manually.

Impact Grain Grinder

An Impact grain grinder is an advanced form of grain grinder for use at home. This grain grinder is a high speed one with wheels comprising of offset metal teeth that are used to crush the grains. The drawback of the impact grain grinder is that it is best for grinding flour, but inappropriate for grinding coarse grains.

Stone Grain Grinder

The stone grain grinder and the burr mill grain grinders are operated manually. If you are looking to grind a small quantity of flour, these models are just right for you. If you want to raise the output of these grain grinders, you have the option to fit motors to them so that you save your energy in operating the devices manually and also avail better output.

Amongst the variety of grain grinders available, I recommend that the stone grain grinder is the best of the lot. This is because they are both string and durable. Impact grain grinders are so delicate that they may get damaged even if a piece of stone comes with your grains accidentally while grinding. However, durable grain grinders like the stone grain grinder can easily withstand a situation as this.

So, while choosing your grain grinder make sure you pick up one that gives you optimal output along with quality. The best way to find the grain grinder that suits you best is to browse through the internet before taking a final decision so that you can grab the best available deals online.

Written by Kristen Farley — August 22, 2013