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As the saying goes, no pain no gain but it really goes well when grinding flour. Fresh flour is always good if you are health conscious and value nutrition. Grinding wheat kernels by oneself instead of using the processed flour is healthy. Wheat grinder is effective and time saving. Wheat kernels ground fresh retains all the vital minerals and nutrition and also gives a good result for baking and cooking.

Wheat kernels are hard and therefore they cannot be ground by hand. Even if you use the ancient style mortar, that would consume all your time and energy. This is when a grinder comes in handy. Not just wheat kernels, you can grind corn, coffee beans, pepper, oats, bran and more. A wheat grinder transforms all from coarse seeds to smooth flour and powder.

Wheat if ground fresh, would be adding more nutritional value to your dish. This is because wheat is composed of germ and bran. This part has all the nutritional value and minerals. But processed flour loses most of them during the procedure and various level of processing.

Two Types of What Grinders

A wheat grinder comes in both manual and electric form. They are both effective and saves a lot of time and energy. Most of the chefs and almost all the restaurants make use of only fresh flour. So, some of the top chefs use these grinders to get fresh flour, for their masterpiece cuisines.

These grinding machines are compact and they are not at all complex to use. They have high power, with strong body to withstand strong kernels of wheat and corns too! You can store it in any of your kitchen counters or even on your table next to the other appliances. They are safe and easy to operate too!

Manual Wheat Grinders

Manual wheat grinder with extra attachments, is not expensive, does not require the source of power and it is compact for convenient storing purpose. You can ground the flour and also make the bread or cake mix in it too.

Electric Wheat Grinders

The electric ones are faster than the manual ones and they grind not only wheat kernels but other grains, nuts, beans, etc. So, the options are many and you can also choose from various size and shape, within your budget too.

A wheat grinder surely is less of a hassle for grinding coarse grains. Now you don’t have to worry about going to the super market and getting processed flour, with less nutritional and health value. All you have to do is get a grinder, once and for all. Go to our store and see our Wheat Grinder to get all the details about grinders and their features of grinding flour from hard kernels.

Written by Kristen Farley — August 22, 2013