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1) Information: It is imperative to have the best possible preparedness library of "How To" books, DVDs etc., starting with spiritual and including every self-reliance “how to” skill that can be developed by you and or your group of folks.

Why: Failure to be mentally/spiritually prepared will lead to the very quickest emergency event cause of death via panic and irrational thinking. If you cannot stay calm and composed in the face of crisis, you could be dead in minutes.  After the emergency event resulting in disruption of normal services and supplies, you are going to need to know how to do most everything for yourself.

Unprepard Life Expectancy: Possibly as little as a few minutes.

Some sub-area Book/DVD Product Lines: Spiritual, Homestead, Survival, Financial/Barter, Alternative Health, Alternative Energy, Alternative Construction, Alchemy, Misc.

2) Shelter: Ideally, all folks should have the best disaster resistant home or at least emergency, portable shelter one can afford, so they have safe shelter.  We have numerous designs for temporary to permanent shelters, below and above ground.

Why: Failure to be sheltered from the elements is the second quickest cause of death in an emergency situation. In extreme heat or cold, not to mention radiation or other fallout, you could die within an hour or less in extreme cold or a fallout event.  This is reason to consider having an earthquake and fire resistant shelter.

Unprepard Life Expectancy: Possibly less than an hour.

Some sub-area Shelter Product Lines: Safe Rooms, Underground, Aboveground, Disaster-Resistant Structures, Off-grid equipment/supplies, Alternative , Heating Systems, Lighting, Portable, Wilderness Shelters, Misc.

3) Water: Any investment you can make in assuring an uninterrupted, purified water supply is critical beyond anything other than the shelter...purification, storage, pumping, solar, etc.

Why: Failure to have an adequate, safe water storage and supply will lead to death in about 4 days.  The risk would increase if dependent upon consuming contaminated water of unknown safety and purity.

Unprepard Life Expectancy: Probably four to five days.

Some sub-area Water Product Lines: Storage, Filtration and Purification, Pumping, Solar, Heating, Wilderness Procurement, Misc.

4) Food and Alternative Health: In addition to investing in food storage, all people should acquire all the necessary items for the “Food 3-P's”: Production, Procurement and Preservation.  To have alternative health modalities will yield huge cost and life saving results.   Just one example is a colloidal silver generator, simple to make, yet can provide life protecting, natural medication.

Why: Failure to have an adequate food storage plus production, processing and
procurement knowledge and alternative health equipment/supplies can result in death within a couple of weeks for food and far less if in need of home medical treatment and care.

Unprepard Life Expectancy: Probably a few weeks or even much less.

Some sub-area Food and Health Product Lines:  Storage Food, Food Production Supplies & Equipment, Food Preservation Supplies & Equipment,
Food Procurement Info, Alternative Health Supplies & Equipment, Misc.

5) Protection: You would be very, very, vulnerable if you have an aversion to gun ownership and shooting skills.  A large supply of ammo goes without saying, both for personal use as well as an invaluable barter item.  Additionally, those who can afford it have safe room shelters complete with vault doors and NBC Air Filtration Systems.

Why: We seem to be rapidly approaching chaos in this country and the world. In a state of anarchy, shooting skills with your own guns will probably be as critical to survival. Guns also enable people to hunt game animals & birds.

Unprepard Life Expectancy: Possibly as little as a few minutes

Some sub-area Protection Product Lines: Ammunition, Shooting Accessories,
Traps/Snares, Archery, Knives/Axes, Safe Room equipment, Misc.

6) Transportation: Invest in low and no power consumption means of transport.  These could include bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, carts, electric or hybrid cars, etc.  A sub-area applying to this and shelter is fuel.  There are alternative fuels which can be home manufactured which will be detailed in other pages.

Why: Fuel supplies will disappear quickly, so alternative energy, pedal and or hoof power may become your only means of critically important transportation. There are many available, starting with a good bike.

Unprepard Life Expectancy: Possibly not a huge change, just inconvenience

Some sub-area Transportation Product Lines: Electric 2 & 4 wheel, Bicycles,
Motorcycles, Alternative Fuel Equipment and supplies

7) Silver and Barter: We recommend junk silver (US old coins), silver eagles, silver maple leafs, etc. In a period of impending financial disaster in the majority of all global currencies and economic markets, silver is the absolute best asset-protection investment (outside of preparedness/self-sufficiency supplies).

Why: Silver has a historically verifable value ratio with gold in being utilized in trade as real money.  You can follow the consistent gold to silver ratio of 10-15:1 back to pre-Roman times to Greek history coming forward studying the ratios at any given time in history, that is until recent times.  The value ratio has been mercilessly skewed by the manipulation of the banksters, reaching levels of 83:1 in the second half of 2008.  The ratio has stayed above 75:1 into 2009.

Many financial and mining industry “inside” reports indicate extreme shortages of silver, due to new and high industrial demands, low mining production and high investor demand.  Some analysts feel the ratio should be more in the range of as low as 5:1.  There is far too much in the way of manipulative effects on the market to be able to visualize this true historical ratio returning anytime soon.

For those of us small investors only wanting to maintain a barter currency of real money value to protect our families, silver bullion coins and bars offer the best opportunity to be able to engage in needed trade after the collapse of the dollar.

Unprepard Life Expectancy: Possibly not a huge change, just previously never experienced deprival and resultant suffering that could become life threatening.

Some sub-area Shelter Product Lines: Liberty Dollars, Silver bullion:old US 90% silver coins; bars; US Silver Eagles; Canadian Silver Maple Leafs; Barter currencies, barter clubs.

SOS General Store Marketing Summary:

Obviously something serious is happening politically, economically, geologically cosmically and environmentally. Our mission is to help you to prepare economically, intelligently and providently for these changes.  Your  preparedness, or lack thereof may determine your very survival in the very near future.

Written by Kristen Farley — August 22, 2013